Mälardalen University Library lending policies

Adopted by the Library Director, in effect from September 1, 2021 (2021/1070).

1. Library task

The main task of Mälardalen University Library is to meet the needs of the University’s students, teachers, researchers and other employees for quality information. The services and collections of the library are available at the university campuses of Eskilstuna and Västerås. The library is also open to the public.

2. Application and implementation of lending policies

These policies apply to all lending agreements at Mälardalen University Library. Such lending agreements are binding and are validated by the registration of an authorized library account.

These policies may be changed. Changes will be published on the library website and will be in effect from the date of posting on the site.

3. Borrowing

Loans are allowed to all persons registered at Mälardalen University Library. Registrations are made via the library’s website. To activate the account patrons must prove their identity. Students and employees at Mälardalen University do so with their MDU-account. Other patrons need to prove their identity with a valid photographic identification.

Loans are permitted for all persons over 18 years. A valid email address is required. Students and employees at Mälardalens University use the e-mail address obtained from the university.

4. Library card/account

Library cards/accounts are personal and must be regarded as valuable documents. If the library card is lost or the account is being misused, it will immediately be blocked without any delay. Patrons are responsible for all loans made using the account.

5. Patrons' obligations

By registering a library card/account, patrons agree to follow the current lending policies and any future changes. Patrons are responsible for keeping themselves informed of the current lending policies. Patrons also agree to follow the regulations of Mälardalen University, as stipulated by the Vice-Chancellor, and to follow all other guidance, decisions and directions communicated by the University Library.

Patrons are obligated to pay any charges that the University Library may authorize.

Patrons are responsible for observing the return date of all material borrowed.

Patrons are obligated to return borrowed material by the date due.

Patrons are responsible for their loans until borrowed material is returned to the University Library at the assigned location (self-return machine) and checked-in.

It is the patron’s responsibility to ensure that check-ins are registered.

Materials are returned at the book-drop at the patron’s own risk. The same applies to materials returned by post.

Patrons must pay any overdue fees within 30 days.

Patrons agree to take good care of borrowed material and to return it undamaged.

Patrons must notify the library of any change of contact information as soon as possible.

6. Loans

Loan is permitted of all materials, with the following exceptions:

  • Course reference material
  • Journals
  • Daily newspapers
  • Interlibrary loan materials where the library lending the material has specified that the materials are for in library use only
  • Fragile material

The library has the right to limit the number of simultaneous loans to a patron.

For distance students at Mälardalen University who do not have Västerås or Eskilstuna as their postal address, loans can be sent to their home address. The borrower must pay for the return cost themselves.

7. Loan period

Normally the loan period of library material is 3 weeks.

Books reserved by other library patrons: 2 weeks.

Sheet music: 60 days.

Textbooks and teaching material: 5 days.

Material from the reference collections can be loaned as day-loan and returned before the library’s closing time.

The loan period for materials requested from other libraries through interlibrary loans is stipulated by the supplying library.

8. Renewing loans

Books that are not requested by another patron are automatically renewed four days before the due date. If the loan can’t be renewed due to that the loaned material is requested, the patron is informed by e-mail. It is the patron's own responsibility to assure that the material has been renewed.

The loan period is limited to a maximum of 6 months. For employees at Mälardalen University the loan period is limited to a maximum of one year.

For renewals of interlibrary loans contact the library e-mail: biblioteket@mdu.se

9. Reservations

Reservations are made by the patron on the library’s website. Students and staff at Mälardalen University use their MDU-account. Other library patrons use their Swedish personal identity number or e-mail address, and password.

No material on loan may be reserved by the patron who currently holds it.

Reserved books may be collected from a special shelf. Reserved items must be collected within the time stipulated.

10. Overdue or lost material

Please note that patrons must observe the length of the loan period.
(see 7. Loan period).

The library is not obliged to send reminders.

If borrowed material that is requested by another patron is not returned on time, patrons must pay any fine within 30 days. Materials not returned within 21 days after the end of the loan period, will be considered as lost. The patron will be obliged to replace the lost material. Lost materials must be replaced according to current charges.

(See Library charges) External link.

An other option is that the patron can purchase a replacement copy and supply it to the University Library. A fee of 100 SEK will be added to any fine owing. The University Library must always be contacted before such a purchase of a replacement copy is made. If the material is returned only the late fee that may have arisen has to be paid. If the material is not returned or replaced the matter can be handed over to the University finance department for invoicing.

Charges for replacement of lost inter-library loans will be set by the supplying library. A surcharge of SEK 100 will be added.

The patron will be suspended from additional loans if unpaid charges exceed to 100 SEK or more.

11. Return of damaged material

Patrons must, when borrowing material, check its condition. At the request of the patron, the lending library shall note any damage.

If damaged material has to be repaired or replaced, patrons must pay the costs of repair or replacement. Notes or underlining are considered to be damage. The library decides the charges for the damage. Patrons may supply the University Library with a replacement copy. A surcharge of SEK 100 will be added. The University Library must always be contacted before such a purchase of a replacement copy is made.

All repairs are the responsibility of the library.

12. Inter-library loans

Material for research and study may be requested through inter-library loan by students and staff at Mälardalen University, and also by other parties by cooperation agreements. Students from other Swedish universities can request materials needed for their thesis or exam through inter-library loans. Titles already part of the Mälardalen University Library’s collections can not be requested through inter-library loan.

Inter-library loans of books is free of charge. Students must pay for copies of any requested articles.

see Library charges External link.

Requested articles are to be paid for at all times.

For inter-library loans the lending policies of the supplying library apply first, followed by Mälardalen University Library lending policies.

Charges for replacement of lost inter-library loans will be set by the supplying library. A surcharge of SEK 100 will be added by Mälardalen University Library.

The University Library has the right to limit the number of inter-library loans per patron.

13. Payment of fees and charges

Payment of charges and fees are to be made within 30 days.

Payment of charges and fees are made online via the library website.

Payments can also be made to bankgiro account number 5201-5864. Payee: Mälardalens högskola. State as a message to the payee: Ref. BIBL, patron name and Swedish social security number or MDU user ID.

14. Non-compliance with lending policies

Patrons who do not comply with any lending rule may be suspended from borrowing material at the University Library. Library patrons will be temporarily suspended if overdue charges exceed a fixed amount.

See Library charges External link.

15. Secrecy and processing of personal data

In library activities, secrecy provisions in accordance with Chap.40, § 3 of the Swedish Official Secrets Act (2009:400) apply to data registered on an individual person’s loans, reservations or other library business.

In library activities, it may be necessary to process personal data for which the Swedish Data Protection Act applies.

The purpose of the registration of personal data is to facilitate the administration of the patron’s loans and to guarantee a secure identification when opening a library account.

Please read the information on the University's processing of personal data.

16. Disciplinary measures

In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, the University Library has the right to suspend anyone who disrupts library activities.

17. Appeal on library policies or procedures

Patrons have the right to appeal to the Library Director against decisions made on the basis of these lending policies.

In case of disagreement concerning these lending policies, the Swedish version will be used as the authority document.

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