Is there material missing?

Submit a purchase suggestion or order an interlibrary loan. Check first in Primo that the University Library doesn’t already own the material.

Search in Primo External link.

Please note that the University Library does not order books when they’re temporarily out on loan. If we purchase the book it will take around 5-10 working days before the book is available for loan.

The University Library will determine if the book is purchased as a physical book or e-book.

This is required for you to be able to do an interlibrary loan

  • that you are a student at MDU or employee at MDU and that your order is relevant for your work or studies.
  • that your order is relevant to your essay and/or degree project if you are a student from another university or university college

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Make a purchase suggestion or get help with an interlibrary loan

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How do I get the material?

Books are to be collected at the University Library. You will receive a message by email when your material is available for collection. Articles are sent to your registered address.

Lending period and borrowing rules

For borrowed material the lending library’s rules will apply, for example if a book is not for a home loan or renewal of a loan. For compensating lost loans, the lending library’s regulations will apply.

Lending policies for Primo

Media policy (in Swedish) Pdf, 64.4 kB.

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