Completion Ceremony

As a student reading your final semester at MDU you are invited to take part in the Completion Ceremony. The Ceremony is the University’s expression of thanks to you for your period of study. You may take part even if you still have complementary work to do in your studies and regardless of whether you have read a programme or corresponding freestanding courses.

The Completion Ceremony is arranged after each spring and autumn semester. The invitation is sent by email to the students who are reading their final semester on one of our programmes. If you are reading at a faster pace or have done individual courses corresponding to a programme, these are not listed in the same way as for programme students, but you are of course welcome to sign up.

At the ceremony the Vice-Chancellor will give a speech, and students from the Academy of Music and Opera at Mälardalen University will perform fantastic musical items. The Ceremony is voluntary and no formal documents are presented in conjunction with the Ceremony. Each student must personally apply for a degree certificate on completion of their studies.


When you have completed your studies you can apply for a degree certificate, which shows that you have gained knowledge and skills, in a specific area in your studies. Each student must apply for their degree themselves upon completion of their course or study programme.

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Alumni network

If you have studied at Mälardalen University, you are always welcome back to the University. There are many advantages of being part of MDU, even when you have finished studying.

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Contact Information

For questions about the Completion Ceremony, please contact event@mdu.se.