Returning student

How nice that you’ve found your way back to MDU! Perhaps you’ve decided to carry on studying at the Master’s level, or quite simply want to finish off something you’ve started? Here’s information about how you do it.

Your student account, which consists of your user-ID, password and student email, is automatically closed down four semesters after you last logged in. If your account has been cancelled and you are going to read a new course, you will need to re-register.

This you do on the page “New student”

Complete a course

You can complete a course as long as the course code you are registered for is still active. You sign up for the exam in Ladok. If your student account that you log in to Ladok with is no longer active, you can contact the Student Centre to get help to sign up for the exam at studenttorget@mdu.se

For other examination components, such as hand-in written assignments, lab reports or projects, you will need to contact a study counsellor or Student Centre. If there is a decision to discontinue the course, the University offers three occasions for final examinations.

Apply for a degree

If you wish to complete your study programme and apply for a degree, you will need to check what regulations apply for the degree you wish to take. More information about degree regulations and contact details can be found here:

More information about degree regulations

More information

The Student Centre

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Centre at studenttorget@mdu.se