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Digital written examination with Inspera Assessment

You write a digital written examination on your portable computer. Before the exam you will need to go through a few steps so that you will be able write the exam in Inspera Assessment, which MDU uses for digital examinations. You must have done the demo exam before the actual exam date.

Before the exam

  1. Register in Ladok. External link. Remember also to deregister yourself if you are not going to do the exam.

  2. You use your own portable computer, PC or Mac, at the examination session (Chromebook and tablets do not work). If you don’t have a portable computer or cannot borrow one from somebody you must register your need to borrow a computer at studenttorget@mdu.se. Applications to borrow a computer must be made no later than 10 days before the exam date. The number of computers for borrowing is limited.

  3. Check that you are able to log on to a wireless network with the computer. To connect to Eduroam, the University’s wireless network, you will need a computer that can handle 5GHz. If you have an older computer you can log in to the network called MDH-Guest (MDU-Guest). It is important you read the information about the university’s wireless network

  4. Go to inspera.com External link. and log in with your student account. Click on the heading Select and select Download Safe Exam Browser on your PC or Mac. Do the demo exam with Safe Exam Browser to see that it works in the right way on your computer. Remember also to write down the passwords BEFORE you start the demo exam. You can also read more about doing a digital exam on Inspera’s help pages. External link.

  5. Some exams may have further information from your examiner. Read also through the University’s examination regulations and the regulations for written examinations External link..

At the exam session

You log in to Inspera to do the exam and through Inspera the Safe Exam Browser will start with the passwords the invigilators will give you. You will not be able to access your documents nor be able to browse on the internet. In other words you can only do the exam and the links that have been approved and that are to be used in the exam inside Inspera.

You will need:

  • Your username/email and password for MDU.
  • A portable computer with the correct version of Safe Exam Browser installed. For Mac users it is important not to move the programme folder from applications to any other place on the computer.
  • The battery must be fully charged at the start.
  • Take a charger for the computer with you.
  • Take your ID/valid identity document with you.
  • Be there at least 30 minutes before the exam begins and make sure that everything is working and that you can log in.

Check that:

  • you are connected to the University’s wireless network. You log in with your username and password for MDU.
  • you can log in at inspera.com External link. and see the upcoming exam.
  • you close all other programmes, e.g. gaming platforms and screen sharing, which could mean that the exam cannot be begun with lockdown (Safe Exam Browser)

The exam is saved every 15 seconds in Inspera. The invigilators will help you if you have problems and can ensure that your tasks are saved, as well as helping you to borrow a computer if you have problems with your hardware/computer. Always contact an invigilator if you lose the net connection.

You can click back and forth between the questions if your teacher has allowed this. You can also flag a question you want to go back to or want to check the answer to before you hand in the exam if the examiner/teacher has allowed this.

When you have finished you must summon the invigilator. Then you can finish off and submit the exam in Inspera.

If you have any questions, contact studenttorget@mdu.se

After a digital written examination with Inspera

You will see your grade in Ladok. If you wish to read any comments on your digital exam you log in to mdh.inspera.com and click Arkiv, where you will find your completed exams.

Find feedback and results in Inspera by following this step-by-step-guide (PDF) Pdf, 336.3 kB, opens in new window.

mdu.inspera.com External link, opens in new window.

The Student Centre

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Centre. studenttorget@mdu.se

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