Decisions that can be appealed against

If you are dissatisfied with a decision taken by MDU you always have the right to request that the University reviews the decision.

All decisions can be reviewed, but on the other hand only certain decisions may be appealed against (you will see more information below about which ones). A review means that the University makes a new assessment of the decision. An appeal means that a higher authority – the Administrative Court of Appeal or the Higher Education Appeals Board – will make a new assessment.

If for example you wish a grading decision to be reviewed (grading decisions may not be appealed against) you must give reasons in writing for what you consider has been wrongly assessed.

Decisions that can be appealed against

A decision-maker must change a decision if it is manifestly incorrect owing to new circumstances and if it can be done quickly and simply. Moreover, a review may never result in a worse decision for the student, for example not a lower grade.

Decisions that may be appealed against are always accompanied by a reference to an appeal, which states how you are to appeal and within what time. According to the Higher Education Ordinance, decisions taken by the University’s Disciplinary Board must be appealed against to the Administrative Court in Uppsala. According to Chapter 12, Section 2 of the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), the following decisions, among others, may be appealed against to the Higher Education Appeals Board:

  • a decision that an applicant does not meet the general entry requirements for admission to first- or second-cycle higher education courses and study programmes, and a decision not to grant an exemption from the general entry requirements for admission in cases laid down in Chapter 7, Section 3, second sentence, or Section 28, second paragraph
  • a decision on the transfer of credits for courses and study programmes or professional or vocational activities
  • rejection of a student´s application for exemption from a compulsory element of a course or study programme
  • a decision to withdraw study resources from a doctoral student according to Chapter 6, Section 37, and a decision that a doctoral student shall not recover these resources according to Chapter 6, Section 38
  • rejection of a student’s request to be issued with a degree certificate or a course certificate
  • a decision not to allow those admitted to first or second-cycle courses and study programmes to defer commencement of their studies or to continue their studies after an approved period of leave.

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