Question and answers about degrees

Does this feel tricky? Here you’ll find the answers to some of the most common questions about degrees.

How long does it take before I get my degree certificate?

Our processing time is usually 8 weeks, but due to a high number of applications we cannot estimate the processing time. The business can’t be started until the application is complete. All degree applications are processed in the order in which they have been submitted.

If I take a degree does it mean that I have used up my credits for a future degree?

The credits included in your degree have not been used up but can be used again in a new degree. The prerequisite for taking a new degree is that a new degree requirement is fulfilled. Courses from a degree that has made you eligible for the second-cycle level may not be included in a degree at second-cycle level.

Can courses read at other HEIs in Sweden and/or abroad be included in my degree?

Completed higher education courses that don’t overlap with other courses may be included in your degree. Courses from studies abroad must have their credits transferred; contact studenttorget@mdu.se for more information.

What does overlapping mean?

When two or more courses have the same or partly the same content, they overlap with each other. The partly overlapping credits may not be counted in your degree but will be deducted from the total sum.

How do I get my degree certificate?

From February 2024, we will issue digital degree certificates, not in paper form. The digital degree certificate consists of a PDF file with an e-stamp. When the degree has been issued, a notification is sent to the email address provided in Ladok. Hence, it´s very important that you have the email address you use registered in Ladok. You can collect the degree certificate yourself and print it if desired. This can be done repeatedly if necessary.

What happens if I lose my degree certificate?

From February 2024, we will issue digital degree certificates. If you have such a degree issued, you can download the degree certificate yourself via Ladok for students and print it if desired. This can be done repeatedly if necessary.

Do you have a previously issued degree certificate in paper form: the degree certificate is an original document and can only be issued once. If your degree certificate should be lost or destroyed, you can get a copy from the university's archives. Contact studenttorget@mdu.se for more information.

Does the degree certificate cost anything?

No, the degree certificate doesn’t cost anything.

Can I get my degree certificate translated into English?

From 2003 onwards the degree certificates are bilingual (Swedish and English). If you have an older certificate, only in Swedish, you can contact an authorised translator.

Contact Office of Degrees

Email: examen@mdu.se
Telephone: +46(0)16-15 32 20, Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-11:00.