Application for courses within programmes

As a programme student at MDU you need to apply for your courses. Here is information about what to do.

Who needs to apply for their courses?

Programme students who have to apply for courses within programmes for semester two and the subsequent semesters do so via University Admissions.

Universityadmission.se External link.

What courses do I have to apply for?

In your programme syllabus and your programme timetable you will see what courses you have to apply for and what course codes they have.

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Guaranteed admission

You can get guaranteed admission for 30 HE credits/semester. Remember that you must submit your application no later than the closing date for applications to secure guaranteed admission.

The programme syllabus and the degree requirements must form the basis of your choice of courses. You must fulfil the specific entry requirements. If you apply for courses for which you have no guaranteed admission, you will compete with the number of HE credits attained no later than the closing date for applications. Courses outside programmes (freestanding courses) are applied for in competition with other applicants and then you can be admitted to a further 15 HE credits.

In your programme timetable and your programme syllabus it states what courses you have guaranteed admission for, what period of the semester it concerns, what city the course is given in and also the rate of study. A course may have several application dates and if you choose the wrong date your guaranteed admission will not be valid. If you’re unsure of what date you should apply for, contact your study advisor at the School responsible for your programme.

Application for courses within programmes

As a student at MDU you can log in to universityadmissions.se with your student account. Any documents you wish to add must be uploaded to your account at universityadmissions.se.

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If you have any questions about your choice of courses and applications, please contact your programme coordinator or a study advisor.