Rules for access

MDU strives to maintain a high level of physical security, personal security and information security. It is the responsibility of every member of staff and student to not allow unauthorised persons access to premises requiring special permits or during times when the University premises are closed to the general public. These rules will be supplemented by guidelines and procedures.

Opening times

The University’s public areas are accessible to everyone during the times when the service areas such as the Student Centre, University Library, restaurants and cafés are open. At other times and in premises which require special authorisation, an MDU card is required to gain access. During these times or in these premises students and staff must be able to present their MDU card and give proof of their identity on request.

The University has the possibility to remain completely closed, even for students and employees, during certain hours of the day. The University Director will decide which opening hours apply.


Access to premises can be adapted according to staff and students’ requirements to be able to conduct their studies and work duties. This also applies to premises such as method rooms, computer rooms, workshops, laboratories and studios. In certain cases, safety and protection instruction is required before access can be allowed.

In an event where employees wish to gain increased access, in addition to what the service allows, approval by the immediate manager is required. The Head of Unit must provide evidence of this need and conduct a risk assessment which must be submitted to the Division of Campus Affairs, who then provides a time-limited extended access.

In cases where students need extended access, the course or programme coordinator may bring the question to the immediate head of unit, who then will handle it the same way as for employees.

The access permit is personal and must not be misused.

Rules for visitors

Visitors* without an MDU card and students must always be escorted in and out by staff members in premises intended for staff only.

To be able to remain on the University's premises after opening hours or in premises that are locked for security reasons, an MDU card with the required access or other permit is required (see procedure for external visitors). Students are not allowed to bring in visitors during the times the University is closed to the public or to premises that require extended access for security reasons.

MDU card

The MDU card must be presented to a security guard or other person at the times the campus is closed to persons other than students and employees or persons with permission to remain on the University premises. Persons must be able to confirm their identity in conjunction with presenting an MDU card. Employees must wear their MDU card in a visible manner in premises intended only for employees.

Upon completion of studies, the MDU card will no longer be valid for passage two weeks into the next semester. For employees, the MDU card will expire upon termination of employment. Keys must always be returned according to the current procedure.

* refers to entrepreneurs, suppliers, guests as well as participants at lectures, conferences and events.