IT for you as a student

During your time at MDU, you will use several different study tools and digital services. There is also software you can install on your own computer to make studying easier.

Computer rooms

As a student, you will have access to several different computer rooms, depending on which School you belong to. You may use the rooms from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 22:00. To get access you will need your MDU card and code. Please keep in mind that some computer rooms may be booked for teaching.

If you discover a fault in the computer room

If you discover a fault in the computer room, please contact Helpdesk:

Telephone number: 016-15 51 50

Email: helpdesk@mdu.se

Digital services for students

The student account consists of a user ID and password as well as your student email.

On the Account Management page, you can:

  • create a student account
  • change your password
  • check your user ID
  • edit your personal information

Remember to change your password at regular intervals, at least once a year. You'll receive an email letting you know when your password is about to expire

Assurance level on your student account

As a student, for you to be able to log in to Ladok, your student account must have a higher assurance level, known as AL2. Explained in simple terms, the assurance level is an indication of how confident we are in who holds the account. If your assurance level has been lowered for some reason, you just need to log in with your BankID or with your account on antagning.se. (universityadmissions.se)

How long is the student account valid for?

Your student account is valid for four semesters after you last registered for a course. After that, your account will be automatically terminated. If you create a student account without registering for a course in Ladok, the account will be closed after 182 days.

If you have documents/files/emails that you want to save, copy them to your own storage media before your account is closed. Once the account has expired, it will not be possible to recover any documents/files/emails.

At MDU we use the wireless network Eduroam. Eduroam is an international cooperation between several universities and university colleges in all parts of the world.

When you have configured your device (computer or telephone), it will automatically connect to the wireless Eduroam network, both at MDU and at other higher education institutions as long as your student account is active.

Eduroam at MDU is available only on the frequency band 5Ghz, and the device you want to connect with must support it. Log in to the network with your student account: your username followed by the @mdu.se extension and also your password.

Log in with your student account

  • Your username followed by the @mdu.se extension
  • The password for your account

You can also try downloading an installer and following the guide to add Eduroam to your device.

MDU Guest

MDU Guest is a wireless network at MDU that enables people who don’t have an account to be able to connect to Eduroam. MDH Guest is available only on the frequency band 2.4 Ghz and has a lower speed compared with Eduroam. To get access to MDU Guest, please contact the Student Centre to get a password.

If you have problems connecting to Eduroam

Check that you have entered the extension @mdu.se, not @student.mdu.se, after your username when logging in!

If you can’t find Eduroam in the list of available networks or you don’t have a valid certificate, you may need to install it on your device. If you have previously entered the wrong details it could be that your device doesn’t notice that you are filling in the correct details but continues to use the wrong ones.

To use the University’s printing service Eduprint, you must have a student account and an account for printing.

  • Log in to the printing portal with your student account.
  • Click on Add Credit in the menu bar to the left to top up money for printing in EduPrint.
  • For detailed instructions, click on the EduPrint guides in the printing portal in the menu bar on the left.

You can also send your printouts from your student email by attaching documents in an email:

To print, select the EduPrint printer. You can then pick up your printout on any printer by logging in to the printer with your MDU account and then releasing the printout.

Print from your own device

Mobility Print is the University's service for printing from your own laptop, tablet or smartphone when you are at the University.

  • Connect to the wireless network Eduroam.
  • Log in to the printing portal and follow the instructions under the heading "Mobility print" in the menu on the left.
  • Print directly from your computer using the mobility print driver or print directly in the web interface.

Scan to email, home directory or cloud service

Choose to scan documents directly to your home directory, email, or cloud service (OneDrive for business).

How much does a printout cost?

This is how much it costs to print:


  • Double-sided A4: 0.40 SEK/page (0.80 SEK paper)
  • Single-sided A4: 0.50 SEK/page (0.50 SEK paper)
  • Double-sided A3: 0.80 SEK/page (1.60 SEK paper)
  • Single-sided A3: 1.0 SEK/page (1.0 SEK paper)


  • Double-sided A4: 0.80 SEK/page (1.60 SEK paper)
  • Single-sided A4: 1.0 SEK/page (1.0 SEK paper)
  • Double-sided A3: 1.60 SEK/page (3.20 SEK paper)
  • Single-sided A3: 2.0 SEK/page (2.0 SEK paper)

Study Tools

Direct links to our most common study tools for you as a student:

In Ladok for students, you can find your study overview. Here you will be able to see your course participation, examination components and study results. This is where you register for the examination.

Your student email is available in Office 365, a web-based package solution that allows you to work with email and documents over the internet, as well as save files to OneDrive for Business. You also have the option to install Microsoft Office on up to five private computers as long as you're a student at MDU.

Log in with your student email and password (same password as your student account). Always use this link when you want to log in to your student email:

Download Outlook

If you want your email as an app, you can download the Outlook app, which is available for both iPhone and Android.

Forward your student email to a private email address

Log in to the student email. At the top of the page, select the cog icon Settings --> Email. select Forwarding. If you don't see this option, it's not available for your account. You can forward the email to another account.

Install Microsoft Office on a personal computer

Save your files to OneDrive

You can save your documents to OneDrive for Business in Office365. You can enter OneDrive through the Office 365 menu when you're signed in to your student email.

Log in using your student email and password.

The maximum file size per file is 2Gb and you can store up to 1Tb.

Save your documents to your home directory

When you log on to an MDU computer, your home directory H:\ is connected automatically. You can also save your documents here and you can store up to 2 Gb. You can find your home directory in the Explorer function.

Canvas is used as a pedagogical tool for conducting courses. You will submit your study assignments here and keep in contact with teachers and other students here.

Once you have registered for your course, you will automatically get access to it in Canvas.

Canvas in your smartphone

You may use the Canvas Student app for Android or IOS.

At MDU, we use Zoom for video meetings which can be used for lectures and other group activities. To get the most out of the program, you should download the client to your computer or mobile device.

If you would like to have Zoom on your mobile or tablet you will find the app in the app store.

You must select "Sign in with SSO" and not the usual login window that appears first. When you log in, it may ask you which domain you want to log in to. Here you need to write "mdu-se". When you click Continue you will be taken to a web page, on that page you will log in with your MDU username and password.

The Zoom client should now start up with you logged in, and from here you can create your own meetings or join others. The client usually remembers your login for a while, so you should not have to do the login every time.

We recommend that you start the Zoom client before clicking on a link that you have received to a meeting, this is to ensure that you enter the meeting as logged in, and do not get stuck in waiting rooms or have other problems. If you select to enter a meeting without logging in, you will end up in a waiting room.

All student computers on campus have Adobe Acrobat DC installed on them. Also, some computer rooms have Adobe All Apps installed.

How you can use the Adobe programs

When you start an Adobe program you must be logged in to use it. In the e-mail address line enter mdu.se and click on the continue button. You will be redirected to MDU’s login page, where you log in with your MDU account (eg. abc21001)

Mentimeter is a web-based presentation tool and digital system for real-time interactive surveys. Participants can vote for different options or type in their own answers. As a student at MDU, you can use Mentimeter when conducting surveys or when presenting.

Things to consider when using from a GDPR perspective

Mentimeter can track a response to a respondent so it is important that you avoid sensitive personal data in your questions. You should also avoid questions that encourage you to answer with sensitive personal data.

You log in to Mentimeter with your MDU account and password.

Mobile apps

MDU has an official mobile app called Kronox, where you can see your timetable and book a group room.

The mobile app mirrors the online timetable which means that it is always updated. What you can do there is search for the course timetable and if you log in you can save your timetable. You can also use resource booking to book a group room for example. If you are in a hurry and just need to find your timetable quickly, you don't need to log in, you will find the timetable anyway.

You will find the mobile app in the iTunes Appstore and Google Play

Having problems downloading the KronoX mobile app?

Some Android mobile phones have a new Android version that can’t download the KronoX mobile app. If you can’t download the KronoX mobile app we encourage you to find your timetable and book a group room through MDU’s website. During the autumn semester, the KronoX mobile app will be replaced. That’s why the current version of the KronoX mobile app is not being updated.

Having problems booking a group room in the KronoX mobile app?

After the name change from MDH to MDU, students who have downloaded the KronoX app before August 2022, are having problems booking group rooms in the app. Your mobile remembers the old address when you reinstall the app, therefore you need to do the following in the KronoX mobile app:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Change university
  3. Click on another university (you won’t be able to log in there)
  4. Click on settings
  5. Select: Mälardalen University
  6. Then log in to the mobile app

Multi-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification, means that as an extra security, you use two different verification steps for access to your student account. Therefore you need to download the Microsoft Authenticator app and always have your mobile phone with you when studying.


Here you can find information about the software that is installed in our public computer rooms. Our library computers only have the standard range installed on them.

As a student, you are allowed to install certain software on your own computer. You will need to log in with your student email.

Digital security

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

During the spring of 2024, we will introduce multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA, also known as two-step verification, means that as an extra security measure, you will use two different verification steps to access certain services, such as email, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. You need MFA when you want to access your student account from a personal computer or a mobile device.

Assurance level AL2

As a student, for you to be able to log in to Ladok, your student account must have a higher assurance level, known as AL2. Explained in simple terms, the assurance level is an indication of how confident we are in who holds the account. If your assurance level has been lowered for some reason, you just need to log in with your BankID or with your account on antagning.se. (universityadmissions.se)


If you have any questions, please contact Student Centre.

E-mail: studenttorget@mdu.se
Telephone number: 021-10 13 10