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Last year's winner in the Idea Competition

Vinnaren av Idélabs idétävling 2019

Matteo Masoudi won the Idea competition 2019 with his idea Veponic.

How did it feel when you realised you won the Idea competition?

It felt great when I heard the jury's motivation for choosing my idea.


What does it mean to you?

It's a confirmation that I'm on the right track, that my idea can be grasped by others and that it's feasible.


Can you tell us a bit briefly about your idea?

My idea is focused on how we will grow our food in the future and how our future society should be built. By using advanced technology we will no longer be limited to what the natural climate in our countries allows us to grow.


Why do you think your idea won?

I believe the jury could see that my idea corresponds to the demands of our future society.


What is the next step for you?

My next goal is to build a prototype plant and that we should be recognised on the Swedish market within two years.


What do you wish to achieve with your idea?

I want all countries to be self-sufficient when it comes to their food production but not at the expense of our climate and future generations.

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