How to write a really good job application

Your CV has been ready for a long time and you have adapted it to the position you are applying for. Now you have to write your cover letter, which is actually the real application. We can help you work out what to do and which pitfalls you should avoid.

Just as you did with your CV, it is good if you adapt your application to the position you are applying for. Each application should be unique. To make your application best reflect the industry or company you're looking for a job with, it's a good idea to check out their website to see what jargon they use.

Don't be boring, stand out from the crowd!

When the employer first looks at your application, you often only have a few moments to make a good first impression. Make sure your first paragraph captures the employer's interest and arouses their curiosity about you.

Avoid standard phrases and instead make it personal or refer to things you know about the company and how you would fit in.

Your application and CV should complement one another

Avoid repeating too much of what is already on your CV – the employer wants new information or explanations and additions to what is in your CV. For example, if you have a gap in your CV, it is good if you respond to it in your application, the same applies if you are looking for a new job after only a few months. Give the employer the information rather than allowing them to speculate on things. Do not let the employer have to make guesses about you, instead be as clear as possible.

Keep it short, but don't forget to present your great points

Don’t write long essays, but keep it as short and concise as possible, without peeling away too much of your personality or your knowledge and experiences. Your application is your chance to showcase yourself, your knowledge and what you can contribute to the company.

Don't be afraid to boast a little but keep it at a suitable level. Don't forget to tell them why you are applying for the position.

Instead of using clichés such as you are structured, have a good sense of humour or that you can handle stress, you can show this in your application. For example, if you are structured, you can show this by having a structured application and CV, you can demonstrate your sense of humour through your use of language, instead of saying that you can handle stress, you can give examples of how you handled stressful situations.

And finally, proofread it!

You have already spent a lot of time on your application. Make sure that it’s as good as possible. You don't want to end up falling on the finishing line because of a few typos.

Good luck!