Application for working as a mentor

As a student, you can take a job as a mentor to another student at the University. Being a mentor means that you help the student to structure and plan their studies and you share your knowledge and experience of study technique and motivation.

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Job description

Being a mentor means that you help another student at the university with study planning and structure. You share your knowledge and experience about study techniques and motivation, so it's not about being an extra teacher or proofreader.

The student you meet may, for example, need support in sorting and prioritising tasks and creating schedules. As a mentor, you meet the student once a week for about 1 hour.

To give you the best conditions for the work, you will receive a mentor training programme and continuous support from the university's coordinator of targeted pedagogical support.

You choose whether you want to mentor one or more students. However, all meetings take place individually.

It may be possible to continue the extra job even after you have finished your studies, so apply for the position even if you are in the final phase of your studies.


  • You should be a student at MDU and be at an advanced stage of your studies.
  • You are structured, responsive and easy to communicate.
  • You have some experience of working with people with disabilities such as ADHD, autism spectrum conditions, dyslexia or mental illness,
    either in your private life, education or through work experience.
  • Experience of working with people with visual impairment is an advantage.

Decisive importance is attached to personal suitability.

Your contribution is important

The student you meet has applied for mentoring and considers this type of support relevant and meaningful. That's why your contribution as a mentor is so important!

Register your interest to work as a mentor

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