When you are back from your study abroad

Here is information that may be useful to know after you have returned from your studies abroad.

When you come back, you are expected to inform other students about your experiences from your studies abroad. This can involve participating in one of the information meetings on studying abroad that the university organizes or with a short interview.

Accredit Your Study Abroad Courses

When you're back in Sweden, it's good to get your courses accredited as soon as possible. Your studies abroad are accredited when your studies are completed and when you have received your written grades from the foreign university.

Courses abroad are accredited after you have submitted the following documents to your international coordinator:

  • Grade certificate/certification, in a signed (signed) copy. The original can be shown upon request.
  • Course codes, names in the original language, and in English.
  • Course descriptions/course plans including reading lists.
  • Your own description of the course content, about 75-100 words.
  • Course scope (total number of teaching hours, for example, 30 hours).
  • Course level and length in terms of full-time studies.
  • Your own assessment of the number of points the course covers according to the Swedish system.