Field education abroad

As a student at MDU in the teacher training programs, you have the opportunity to complete a two weeks practice-based education abroad.

Guidelines for Practical Training Abroad (VFU)

If you are studying the Preschool Teacher Program (210 hp), Primary School Teacher Program for preschool class and grades 1-3 (240 hp) or the Subject Teacher Program (300 hp), you have the opportunity to undertake a two weeks VFU (practice-based education) abroad during VFU3. The aim of VFU abroad is to gain insights into the international aspects of preschool and school operations.

You can choose to complete your VFU either at a foreign school or at a Swedish school abroad. If you choose the former, you'll be introduced to another country's school system, its curricula, skills, and values. This offers you a chance to compare and reflect upon the Swedish school system. Conversely, if you opt to do your VFU at a Swedish school abroad, the structure will resemble your prior VFU periods, only that you'll be in a different country.


  • Eligible to undertake a portion of VFU abroad if they meet the specific eligibility requirements for VFU3 according to the curriculum of the respective preschool teacher or teacher program, by the final application date.

Application Date

  • Apply by April 15 if you wish to complete a part of VFU abroad in the following autumn semester. Apply by October 15 if you want to complete a portion of VFU abroad in the subsequent spring semester.


As a student, you are responsible for financing your trip and stay.

Travel grant

A limited number of travel grants are distributed each semester. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of scholarships, selection is based on the acquired university credits, within the framework of the current preschool teacher or teacher program, at the time of registration deadline. Equal credit scores are ranked by lottery.

If you are granted a travel scholarship, your VFU abroad must be documented in a report submitted to the coordinator after you have completed the VFU abroad. The payment is made retroactively after the report has been submitted.


All students are offered free state student insurance during the VFU period abroad.

More information

For more information about VFU abroad, visit the VFU portal or contact the international coordinator at UKK.

More information

For more information, contact your international coordinator:

School of Business, Society and Engineering, EST est-international@mdu.se

School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, HVV hvv-international@mdu.se

School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, IDT idt-international@mdu.se

School of Education, Culture, and Communication, UKK ukk-international@mdu.se.