The Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman is tasked to guide you as a student if you have problems during your studies. Support is available for questions about the University's laws and regulations and your rights and obligations as a student.

Please contact the Student Ombudsman if you have questions and need advice on rules, rights and obligations within the framework of your education and study period. The questions can concern grading or attitudes from teachers and other staff members for example.

This is what the Student Ombudsman can do for you as a student

  • listen to and discuss questions that concern the University’s activities
  • provide support and guidance regarding the rights and obligations of students
  • help students who experience discrimination
  • advise students who have been reported to the Disciplinary Board.

The role of the Student Ombudsman is neutral and impartial concerning the University and the students. This means that the Student Ombudsman cannot pursue matters on behalf of students and cannot take sides.