Guidance and support during your studies

When you are a student with us, there is a lot of support and help available to you to make your study time as good as possible. Perhaps you wish to discuss with someone how to best structure your studies, get tips on how to write a good thesis or need disability study support.

We are here for you

Studying with a disability

There are various types of support and adaptations available if you have a permanent disability or another type of disability while you are studying.

However certain forms of disability study support require some planning time. Therefore it’s important to put in your application for support ahead of time, preferably when you have been admitted to your education.

Successful studies

To ensure that your studies go as smoothly as possible, it is important that early on you assess what you need to work on regarding your study technique and if there is anything you need to focus on more.

If you encounter any problems during your studies

Studying at a university means that you will meet new people with whom you will solve tasks together. Therefore, it is not so unusual that problems can sometimes arise. But there is help available in such situations.

It is important that you first contact the responsible teacher or course coordinator directly with your problem. You can also contact a Head of Division.

Discrimination and harassment

MDU has zero tolerance towards discrimination and harassment. The University is obliged to investigate harassment and victimisation as soon as the University becomes aware that it has occurred.


If you have any questions, please contact Student Centre.

E-mail: studenttorget@mdu.se
Telephone number: 021-10 13 10