Thesis and Degree Project Days

Every autumn, MDU arranges two thesis and degree project days for students. One event takes place in Eskilstuna and one in Västerås.

During the thesis and degree project days, students will get the opportunity to meet companies, organisations and public bodies that offer degree projects and theses, which can be carried out in their organisation.

The events are arranged in October and are aimed at students who are going to write their thesis or a degree project during the spring semester or autumn semester the following year.

As a student, it is important to be prepared, even if the degree project will take place in the future and you don’t know at the moment what you want to write about. This is an opportunity to meet with the organisations at an early stage and get an idea of what type of assignments are available, and perhaps already start making contacts or researching a subject area.

As a student, you can also prepare and propose assignments or subjects for a thesis yourself, which you wish to carry out at a company or organisation.

Högvarv in collaboration with the Thesis and Degree Project days

  • 2024-10-15 10:00–15:00
  • 2024-10-17 10:00–15:00
15/10 MDU Eskilstuna, 17/10 MDU Västerås
Högvarv in collaboration with the Thesis and Degree Project days creates networking opportunities between companies and students at MDU!