Safety at MDU at MDU

As a student, you can find information here about how to act in the event of a fire, a possible accident or other serious incident.

Active lethal violence/violent incidents

It's essential to be prepared and know what to do if something serious happens. If you suspect lethal violence at the University, you must always follow these three steps:

  1. Flee
  2. Seek protection/hide
  3. Call SOS Alarm 112

In case of an emergency or crisis

In the event of life-threatening incidents, threats, accidents or burglaries, you should always start by calling SOS Alarm 112.

Then call MDU’s crisis official on the following telephone number 073-960 88 22

Instructions in case of fire

Make it a habit to always know the nearest fire escape route, fire alarm button and fire extinguishing equipment to the premises you are in.

Always evacuate when the alarm goes off for your own safety. Make sure you don’t obstruct the emergency services.

If you discover a fire

It is the situation and your ability that determines the order and extent to which you carry out the actions. If there are more of you who can help one another, you can do several actions at the same time.


  • Rescue those persons who are in immediate danger of being injured by the smoke and heat generated by the fire.
  • Contain the fire if possible.
  • Press the fire alarm button if the alarm hasn’t been set off.
  • Make sure that evacuation starts.


  • Ring SOS Alarm 112 even if the automatic fire alarm has gone off. Tell them briefly what has happened. Answer the questions asked by the alarm operator.
  • Then call MDU’s crisis official on the following number 073-960 88 22 and tell them where the fire is.
  • Show emergency services the way to the fire if none of the University’s evacuation leaders is on-site.

Extinguish the fire

  • Try to extinguish the fire if you think you can do this by yourself. Don’t take any unnecessary risks!
  • Fire extinguishing equipment is marked with signs so it is easy to find.

If the fire alarm goes off

The University’s fire safety inspectors and staff from the Division of Campus Affairs have high-vis vests marked with the word Utrymningsledare (evacuation leader).

  • Leave the premises immediately.
  • Use the closest fire escape route and go to one of the assembly points.
  • Stay outside at the assembly point or another safe place indicated by the evacuation leader.
  • Wait for a decision from the rescue command or evacuation leader that the danger has passed before you can go back in.


At MDU defibrillators are available that can save lives.

Grön skylt ett vitt hjärta med en pil genom. Under texten Hjärtstartare.

This sign is at every defibrillator.

Defibrillators in Eskilstuna

  • 1st Floor at the Student Centre
  • 4th Floor opposite the lifts in the C building

Defibrillators in Västerås

  • Main entrance in the U building (the Link)
  • U building 2nd Floor between the rooms 013-016 (main corridor)
  • Main entrance in the R building
  • The University premises at Finnslätten (student and employee area)

How the defibrillator works

A defibrillator is very easy to use and can be used by anyone regardless of previous knowledge. It gives speaking instructions on how it works, and you can't deliver a shock unless it's necessary. The defibrillator guides the user through spoken instructions and icons. Everyone is allowed to use a defibrillator and there is no law that requires you to have training to use it.

When the defibrillator cabinet is opened, a loud signal sounds. Its function is to alert those in the surrounding area that help is needed.

Do not hesitate to use the defibrillator, you can save lives. Don’t forget to call SOS Alarm 112.

Air-raid shelters

The closest air-raid shelters are marked on the maps in Eskilstuna and Västerås.

Please report injuries, accidents or suggestions for improvement

Through the Aj, Oj, Halloj system you can report injuries, and accidents or give suggestions for improvement in your study environment at MDU.