Report accidents or give suggestions for improving the study environment

The study environment at the University is an important issue for everyone who spends time here, not least for you as a student. It is important that you as a student tell us what you think. Through the Aj, Oj, Halloj system you can report injuries, accidents or give suggestions for improvement about your study environment at MDU.

A great study environment will have a positive impact on you, for example, provide opportunities for a meaningful context, for learning and development. A less positive study environment may be time pressure, performance-related pressure, bullying, noise or risk of injury, for instance.

Please get involved and develop our study environment

To continually develop the University as a good place to study and work, you must report if you are injured during your studies or were close to getting injured for example. To be able to work preventively, we gladly accept suggestions that can make the University an even better place to study.

Symboler för Aj, Oj, Halloj.

Please report injuries, accidents or suggestions for improvement

Aj - If you have been injured

Submit an Aj report if you sustain a physical or mental injury during your studies. By submitting an Aj report, you will also receive insurance information and good links that you might need.

Oj - If you have been close to sustaining an injury

Submit an Oj report if you have been close to sustaining an injury in connection with your studies or have an unsustainable study situation that can make you ill.

Halloj - some things could be better

Submit a Halloj report if you as a student have a suggestion for improvement regarding the study environment.

Do you have questions about the study environment?

Contact studentombudsman@mdu.se