Practical information about the Completion Ceremony

Completion Ceremony 14 June

Save the date - the registration is not open yet. The Completion Ceremony is arranged after each spring and autumn semester.

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Questions about participation and registration

  • Who can take part?
    As a student reading your final semester at MDU you are invited to take part in the Completion Ceremony.

  • Can I take part if I have complementary work to do?
    You may take part even if you still have complementary work to do in your studies and regardless of whether you have read a programme or corresponding freestanding courses.

  • Why haven’t I got any information about registration?
    The invitation will be sent out by email to the students who are reading their final semester on one of our programmes. Please note that the invitation has been sent to the email address you entered in Ladok. Check your junk mail!
    If you are reading at a faster pace or have done individual courses corresponding to a programme, these aren’t listed in the same way as for programme students, but you are of course welcome to sign up. Information about registration is also published on our social media as well as on our digital monitors on the University premises.

Questions about registration

  • Must I have to register in advance?
    All students are welcome to attend the Ceremony provided that they have signed up in time and have received confirmation of their registration.

  • When is the last day of registration?
    Please register yourself and your guests no later than 26 May 2024.
    Please note that late registration is not possible.

  • What programme do I specify if I have taken individual courses?
    Select the programme that is similar to or corresponds to your course. If no programme matches, please select the "Other" option.

  • Why is it important that I give an email address and telephone number that I must check?
    We will be sending information about the Ceremony to the contact details you provided when you registered. Therefore it’s important that the email address you provide is checked continually.

  • Why do I need to check the details in my registration?
    Your name will be stated on the document that you will receive during the Ceremony. Therefore it is important that your name is spelled correctly.

  • What should I do if I haven’t got a confirmation?
    The email confirmation is a receipt that your registration has been recorded. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact the Travel Team by emailing: kongress@travelteam.se or telephone: 010-188 25 00.

  • When will I get my ticket?
    Your personal ticket will be sent by Text message a few days before the Completion Ceremony, to the mobile phone number you provided when you registered. Please show your ticket as you enter the hall.

Questions about the ceremony and the diploma

  • Is there a dress code at the Completion Ceremony?
    You decide whether you want to dress up or not.

  • What happens during the ceremony?
    In accordance with tradition, various speeches will be made and students from the Academy of Music and Opera at MDU will perform music and song.

  • Will I get a diploma?
    In connection with the Completion Ceremony, a diploma will be awarded to the students who participate. The diploma is not a formal document but is instead a thank you to everyone who has studied with us.

  • How can I get the diploma?
    The diplomas are only handed out to those who attend one of the Completion Ceremonies. The distribution takes place when students move between the ceremony and the mingle.

  • What happens after the ceremony?
    The ceremony lasts for about an hour. Afterwards we will celebrate with you in the lobby, with sparkling wine and canapés, together with your guests and student friends.

  • Will a photographer be there?
    We won't have a photographer on site. However, we will have a photo wall, where you and your student friends or guests can capture the memories of the day.


  • How many guests can I invite?
    You are allowed to register a maximum of two people for this.

  • Can a child be a guest?
    Children are welcome in the company of an adult. Please note that if an adult brings a child to the ceremony, they are counted as two guests and both must be registered. Keep in mind that the ceremony can be long for small children. Please sit close to the aisle, so it will be easy to leave the room if necessary

Questions about the location and rooms

  • Why are you arranging the Completion Ceremonies in Västerås?
    MDU is located in the Mälardalen region with campuses in both Eskilstuna and Västerås. The Completion Ceremony will only be arranged at Västerås Kongress.


Can't you find the answer of your question?

For questions about your registration please contact Travel Team, kongress@travelteam.se
or 010–188 25 00.

For questions about the Completion Ceremony, please contact event@mdu.se.