Support for the University's researchers

The Division of Research, Collaboration and Innovation Support (Sektionen för forsknings-, samverkans- och innovationsstöd, FSI) can provide support and advice to researchers and Heads of research in all the six research specialisations and also to University Management.

Examples of how the Research Support department can help you:

  • Train MDU's researchers to manage research projects and applications, from a project idea to the completed project.
  • Provide support to bring together researchers and potential collaboration partners.
  • Review application submissions and give advice when applying for external research funding.
  • Give strategic advice regarding research and research funding.
  • Assist with expert knowledge concerning the rules that apply to the various research funding bodies.
  • Inform about current calls for proposals for external research funding
  • Assist with media monitoring, statistics and information regarding current research and research funding issues.

More information about support for researchers

For more information about how to get help from the Division of Research, Collaboration and Innovation Support, please contact your Head of Division.