Innovation and Product Realisation

MDU's research in Innovation and Product Realisation endeavours to underpin and stimulate innovative power and creativity to produce new products, services and production methods.

Almost everything we see, hear and experience is the result of the ideas of human beings. Innovations and efficient solutions to both new and old problems are what is driving societal development forwards. Here problems are considered from a broad and interdisciplinary perspective where change processes, product realisation and information design are taken into account. In this way the researchers want to create the conditions and working tools to produce sustainable and competitive products and services.

Collaboration a natural part

Collaboration with companies is a natural part of this research specialisation. Included among the partners are ABB, Bombardier Transportation, AB Volvo and Scania CV.

The researchers within this specialisation collaborate in several academic networks, for example the Design Society, Svenska Produktionsakademien, Weschool, Arbetsplatsnära Forskning och Utveckling (AFoU, Scientific Work for Industrial Use) and the Swedish Quality Management Academy (SQMA).

Third-cycle studies

Innovation and Product Realisation has a common third-cycle subject area, Innovation and Design, which is an interdisciplinary research programme in which knowledge of the development process from idea to finished product is deepened. Innovation and Design has a specialisation towards engineering and industrial applications, and also projects in collaboration with the public sector and civil society.

Research areas

Digital and Circular Industrial Services

The research group focuses on the initiation, development, and operations of digital and circular industrial services, considering ongoing shifts and issues related to firm and ecosystem levels.

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In the context of global phenomena such as the emergence of new digital technologies and the need to achieve a sustainable world, innovation is at the core of many organizations today.

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Information Design

The group of Information Design research focuses on information and communication processes while analysing and interpreting representations in the form of images, spaces and texts in a design context.

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Industrial AI Systems

The Industrial AI Systems (IAIS) research group focuses on integrating AI solutions into industrial systems to reinforce their operations with greater efficiency, resiliency, flexibility, and agility. Particular emphasis on self-optimizablility, self-configurability, and self-adjustability for autonomous Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS).

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Product and Production Development

The Product and Production Development research group creates knowledge on the renewal and development of products and production systems. The research is based on an integrated development where many stakeholders' and time perspectives are balanced.

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Value-driven Innovation and Foresight

The Value-driven Innovation and Foresight group focuses on how innovation is expressed from a value-creating service perspective, using broad inclusion and democratisation through Responsibility Research & Innovation Tools. The group also considers requirements to understand future needs, linking foresight and world analysis with the development of future business models.

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Research projects within Innovation and Product Realisation

Information about ongoing and finished research projects within Innovation and Product Realisation

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Collaboration platform

MDH Living Lab - methods for collaboration

MDH Living Lab is an arena for method development that strengthens collaboration between MDH, companies and the public sector. Through the development of methods for co-production, opportunities for increased efficiency, creativity and innovativeness are created. The vision is to contribute, through collaboration, towards a sustainable society from a holistic perspective.

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More information about Innovation and Product Realisation

Fore more information about Innovation and Product reaisation, please contact the Head of Research.


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Ongoing research projects

The IndTech Industrial Digitalization has its origins in the industry's need to expand its digital infrastructure to exchange data, information, and communication within and between companies. The IndTech Industrial Digitalization aims to develop industrial understanding and insights through industrial cases that explore and demonstrate digitalization in practice.

Project manager at MDU: Jakob Axelsson

Main financing: PiiA, Vinnova

Focusing on resilient energy ecosystems as the study object, this project aims to provide an in-depth understanding of resilient energy systems from a socio-technical point of view and specifically how ecosystem dynamics and the anticipation of exogeneous events and trends affects the energy systems ability to become resilient. Based on this new knowledge the project also aims to develop a framework and guideline for new practises of orchestration to support the transition into resilient energy systems.

Project manager at MDU: Peter E Johansson

Main financing: Energimyndigheten

ShiftLabs is an organization dedicated to supporting the adoption and integration of new digital technologies among small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

Project manager at MDU: Johan Kostela

Main financing: Digital Europe (EU kommissionen)

In the project TRUST–SOS, we are developing digitalized services to increase the level of trusted decision making to optimise overall site systems in off-road transport applications.

Project manager at MDU: Anas Fattouh

Main financing: Vinnova