Renewable Energy

Worldclass energy solutions

The project aims to create a development center for world class energy-solutions. The development center should satisfy small and medium size companies' needs for development expertise, test and demonstration environments, international business development and strategic marketing.

Project manager at MDU

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The project goals are:

  • Reaching increased resource efficiency through: development and introduction of energy and climate efficient technologies, change of behaviour and contribution to community planning
  • Create a development center for energy efficiency that is competitive on an international level, and that will identify cost efficient solutions that come from a holistic perspective.
  • Create a co-producing hub in the ÖMS-region that will built a long-torm structure for joint ownership.

Activities included in the project

  • Make the project partners' test and demonstration environments available
  • Create a virtual environment for data storage and that also should be accessible by others
  • Establish continued data collection to enable further research and development together with industry and other actors
  • Support companies in different stages of growth and create models and processes for how the companies should succeed on globalised markets
  • Develop an international brand profile based on the project's concept
  • Establish contacts and co-operations internationally and connect companies/organisation between different line of business and networks.