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VA-kluster Mälardalen

A research and education clusters water and sewage area in cooperation between scientists and the VA organizations.

Project manager at MDU

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Description of the project

VA-Cluster Mälardalen is a research and education cluster in water and wastewater area. The cluster was formed in 2010 and its members cooperate widely on issues relating to wastewater and sludge treatment. Members are universities, VA organizations and research institutes. Mälardal The cluster works with support from the Swedish Water Development, and is part of the Swedish Water's investment in the project program for colleges and universities. The cluster also has financial support from a number of water and wastewater organizations in the Mälardalen region.

The cluster operates primarily to serve as a support for the work of the VA organizations in the Mälardalen Region and the rest of Sweden. The goal is to contribute to the streamlining of our sewage and sludge handling system, taking into account energy and resource use.

Our strength is that staff at wastewater treatment plants and researchers working together with the challenges facing the industry. The collective expertise among cluster members in measurement technology, control and modeling with application to sewage treatment is unique in Sweden.

Training for the future

On the education side working cluster participants to train future employees in the wastewater industry. Here, the objective is to contribute to the VA training excellence and to highlight the VA as an important and interesting subject with many community and environmental applications.

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