The situation for family caregivers to patients with heart failure and their importance in heart failure nursing

The overall purpose of the project is to explore the situation of family caregivers in the care of their relative with heart failure and identify measures to facilitate the family caregivers' situation.






Project manager at MDU

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The objectives of the four substudies are: 1) to explore family caregivers’ experiences and needs when caring for a relative with heart failure; 2) to explore registered nurses’ perceptions about the situation of family caregivers to patients with heart failure, and registered nurses’ interventions, in order to improve family caregivers’ situation; 3) to explore registered nurses' attitudes toward families in heart failure nursing and to identify factors that predict the most supportive attitudes; 4) to explore the effects and feasibility of a nurse-led health promoting family conversations over the phone with heart failure patients and their family caregivers.

The activities included in the project are individual interviews and focus group interviews, a web-survey and lastly an intervention. The interviews and intervention were conducted in the county of Västmanland and the web-survey was conducted nationwide.

This research relates to the following sustainable development goals