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The ethics and politics of climate-induced migration

Global climate change is likely to become a major cause of future migration. Small Island States are particularly vulnerable since territorial destruction caused by sea level rise poses a threat to their entire existence. This raises important issues concerning state sovereignty and self-determination. This project investigates both theoretical and empirical issues related to this problem.

The theoretical questions concern e.g. if migrants from disappearing Small Island States could somehow continue to exercise sovereign control over their abandoned territory. The empirical questions concern how this problem is dealt with in international politics, with a particular focus on deficient international leadership. Activities included in the project are theoretical and normative studies and empirical studies of international leadership. 






Project manager at MDU

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Primary purpose:

The purpose is to examine which moral obligations are actualized between states, and between states and individuals, in connection with climate induced migration

Project goals:

The objective is to construct a theory on the moral obligations towards climate migrants and their home countries.

This research relates to the following sustainable development goals