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The project aims to develop a new technology for cleaning syngas from gasification.



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Many EU countries are net importers of oil and gas (in 2022 the EU’s natural gas import dependency rate was 97 %), and thus particularly exposed to energy reliability and market volatility risk. EU natural gas production is continuing its decreasing trend. As such the EU Agenda ambitious objectives, together with the external dependence on natural gas implies that green gases as syngas is essential in the energy transition.

SUPREMAS in this framework is determined to advance the European technology leadership in bio-energy development fostering decentralized gas systems development and contributing to the energy transition for different use cases.

SUPREMAS outcomes will enable circular value chains where multiple residues, discarded from different processes, will be valorized providing electricity, heat and cooling and new materials. SUPREMAS will develop cost-effective modular and movable syngas production units particularly suitable to treat sewage sludge, digestate and MSW as well as a Decision Support Tool supporting decision making and impact assessment. Environmental sustainability, and technical-economic viability of the proposed solutions will be validated through a demonstration campaign in two different EU countries (Spain and Portugal).

Deep replicability assessment will be done and pre-feasibility analysis developed in ten further Demosites across all over Europe. Six Co-creation workshops will be organized to promote stakeholders engagement and communities involvement thus unlocking barriers and make it real SUPREMAS replication.

As a project partner, MDU will contribute to waste sorting and syngas cleaning. The potential benefits for MDU include:

  • Strengthening our research cooperation with other EU countries
  • Developing new knowledge in the field of biomass gasification, gas cleaning and control systems.