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SMET – Separation of heavy metals in municipal wastewater treatment

SMET focuses on enhanced separation of heavy metals in treatment of municipal wastewater for improved quality of sludge and decreased loads of heavy metals on receiving waters.






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There are many reasons to enhance the quality of sludge, especially from a resource perspective. In Sweden there is a drive to enable sludge use in agriculture, with as little toxic contaminations as possible in the sludge. Therefore, this project is aimed at examining measures that could reduce the heavy metal concentrations in sludge at WWTPs. One option that is studied is to apply carrier-based adsorption, a physico-chemical primary treatment step as an alternative to pre-precipitation.

The general objectives of the project are to:

  • Investigate the possibilities of enhancing sludge quality in a resource perspective.
  • Investigate specific measures to enhance the quality of sludge or resources attained from sludge, for example through metal separation early in the wastewater treatment process by carrier based adsorption as an alternative to pre-precipitation.
  • Evaluate possible solutions from a system perspective.