NOMP-group – New Organisation and Management Practices

SInS – Developing the capacity of leading technology-related social innovation in cooperation

The purpose of SInS is, on one hand, to develop a platform to lead social innovation in cooperation by involving practitioners and researchers. On the other hand, the project is aimed at understanding how to improve the capacity to innovate when there are heterogeneous partners involved in creating value for society through technology. The project is focused on an important area of social innovation in Sweden, and that is the use of technology for older people (i.e. assistive technology).






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The planned result is the development and use of a common platform for leading social innovatio. By interconnecting different actors with different perspectives via this platform the project aims to improve their performances when it comes to working cooperatively with technological innovation for dealing with social challenges and thus to develop a distributed capacity to innovate in the region (Västmanland and Sörmland). Such an improvement is expected to positively impact on the quality of life of the ageing population in the region.

Lucia Crevani and Michela Cozza, both members of the NMP group, work in this project, which is structured into four work-packages – starting in January 2017 and ending in December 2018. Each work-package ends with a stage gate (S1, S2, S3, S4) with specific deliverables. The project activities consist of iterative workshops to engage all actors involved in the development of the platform. The results of these activities will be analyzed throughout the project for designing and developing the platform according to a participatory research process. The representatives from the municipalities are responsible of including the platform in the functioning of their technological infrastructures and organizational processes, along with contributing to the dissemination of the results.