Care, Recovery and Health

Self-compassion, stressreduction and recovery

The aim of this project is to modify a Cognitive Relational Group Program, originally designed for treatment of clients that had been on long term sick-listing, and use it preventively to reduce experiences of work-related stress and increase self-compassion among people who experience work related stress without being sick-listed.



Project manager at MDU

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As a first step persons who experience work-related stress problems participate in the original group program. Based on their experiences of what they have found helpful or less helpful during the course of the program, the program is modified in order to fit the specific needs of these people. The program is then modified and tested, first in a minor project, than in larger scale in different contexts. The process of modification also contains a Delphi-study where researcher and clinicians with experiences of this kind of problems contribute to the development of the modified program.