Prolonged independent life

Prolonged independent living - a co production project with old people, relatives and health care

The aim is to develop, through co-production, knowledge about the opportunities for creating and improving the conditions for elderly people to preserve health and the opportunity for independent life and to improve, streamline and personalize care for the elderly.






Project manager at MDU

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This new knowledge will then form the basis for intervention studies in the next step of the project.

The goal is to identify knowledge gaps in the area of healthy aging and independent life. The project comprises a Delphi study with three or more rounds. The first round is focus group interviews with elderly, relatives, healthcare professionals, assistants and politicians in Sörmland ("expert group").

The results of the interviews are compiled into a survey sent out to all participants in rounds 2 and 3, or until consensus is reached. The result is a list of claims that the expert group has reached consensus about, ie the current perception of the matter. Consensus is defined as consistency in more than 75%.