Renewable Energy

Pre-study of efficient and on-line transport systems in Västerås

To meet the change in energy demand due population growth, knowledge on ineractions between vehicles, infrastructure and users are needed as well as on the roles different stakeholders have in the transformation to a fossil fuel free transportation system. The project "Pre-study of efficient and on-line transport systems in Västerås" gather stakeholder with the aim to enhance the transition to a climate neutral transportation system.

Funding in SEK: 1 MSEK

Project manager at MDU

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Primary purpose of the project

The primary purpose of the project is to create a platform for collaboration and research for enhancement of the electrification and efficiency increase of the transportation network in Västerås by integration of the electrical grid, digitalisation and new services.

The aim of the project:

  • Do demand analysis of specifications of requirements of the market, vehicles, infrastructure with the user in focus.
  • Establish an action plan for continuous work and collaboration.
  • Map stakeholders and existing systems for electrification, digitalisation and provision of service in the trasnportation system in Västerås.

This research relates to the following sustainable development goals