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MAGNITUDE – Bringing flexibility provided by multi energy carrier integration to a new magnitude

The goal of MAGNITUDE is to design and develop business and market mechanisms as well as supporting coordination tools to enable an improved level of flexibility for the European electricity system, by increasing and optimizing synergies among electricity, gas and heat systems.

Project manager at MDU

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The European 2020 and 2030 targets for renewable energy, greenhouse gas emission and energy efficiency require important changes in the energy system. In particular there is a growing need for more flexibility to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the electricity system.
The new launched H2020 MAGNITUDE European Project aims to develop business and market mechanisms, as well as supporting coordination tools to provide flexibility to the European electricity system, by enhancing synergies between electricity, heating/cooling and gas systems. The project will address the challenge to bring under a common framework, technical solutions, market design and business models.
More specifically the main objectives of MAGNITUDE are to:

  • Provide technological and operational tools to enable the provision of flexibility to the electricity system by multi-energy systems.
    Develop enhanced business and market mechanisms and identify potential regulatory evolutions to exploit the full potential value of the flexibility provided.
  • Validate the project results on 7 real life case studies of multi-energy systems of different sizes and technological features, located in 7 European countries.
  • Propose recommendations and contribute to the definition of policy strategies in a pan-European perspective.
  • Spread the project achievements towards stakeholders in the electricity, heat and gas sectors to raise awareness and foster a higher collaboration.

MAGNITUDE is a 3.5 years project, who was granted a total of 3,99 M € from the European Commission and which started on 1 October 2017. The kick-off meeting took place in EDF Lab Paris-Saclay, France, on 9–10 October.
The project is coordinated by EDF and the consortium brings together 16 partners from 9 European countries (France, Austria, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany) with the following profiles:

  • Industrial organisations: EDF, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, A2A Calore & Servizi, SMEs: Cybergrid, Regenera, N-Side, Efficacity, Aguas de Murcia, Arttic.
  • Research organisations: VITO, RSE, EIFER
  • Universities: Technical University of Denmark, Mälardalen University, Cardiff University
  • International association: Euroheat & Power.