Care, Recovery and Health

Automated Software language and Software engineering

Behavioral medicine, health and lifestyle (BeMe-Health)

Digitalisation of Future Energy

Formal Modelling and Analysis of Embedded Systems

Heterogeneous systems - hardware software co-design

Industrial AI Systems

Industrial Software Engineering

Information Design

Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems

Normcritical perspectives in the research into social vulnerability

Political Science


Product and Production Development

Real-Time Systems Design

Renewable Energy

Resource efficiency

Software Testing Laboratory

Sustainable lifestyle and health from a public health perspective

INDTECH - Industrial Technology Graduate School

The INDTECH project is an industrial graduate school at MDU, focusing on the implementation of Industry 4.0 and applied AI in production systems in collaboration with 12 partner organizations consisting of leading industrial companies, research institutes and technology centers and supporting organizations such as AI Sweden, PiiA, Automation Region and Blue Institute. INDTECH Industrial Technology Graduate School offers advanced training in the field of industrial digitization, a new and emerging field of technology that revolutionizes all aspects of the manufacturing and process industry.

Project manager at MDU

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Toppforskare från ingenjörsforskningsspecialiseringarna (IPR, FEC och ES) går samman för att ta itu med de nya industriella utmaningarna i doktorandforskningsprojekten, relaterade till verklig implementering av digital teknologi i produktionen, vilket ger doktoranderna ett nytt tvärvetenskapligt perspektiv inom industrin och stödja universitetets strategi inom digitalisering och Industri 4.0.


General Objective: All enrolled PhD students have graduated with a PhD degree. Publication Objective: Each PhD student to publish at least 3 high-quality papers in carefully selected international journals, and the rest at high-ranking conferences.

This research relates to the following sustainable development goals