Welfare research

Health supports in the care of asylum seekers in Sweden

The overall aim is to increase the knowledge about care practices, experiences of support and attitudes towards mental health and integration during the asylum process.



Research area

Project manager at MDU

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Study I

The aim is to describe civil society actors’ perceptions on available care practices regarding mental health and integration among asylum seekers.

Study II

The aim is to describe how the civil society actors perceive the support they receive themselves in the care of asylum seekers.

Study III

The aim is to describe how asylum seekers experience their need of care and support regarding mental health and integration, and how it is dealt with by themselves and by civil society actors.

Study IV

The aim is to describe attitudes among the general public regarding asylum seekers’ mental health, support and integration. Furthermore, the aim is to analyse associations between sociodemographic factors, and the aforementioned type of attitudes.

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