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Health and quality in the work environment - enabling creativity and flow

Companies are dependent on employees health and creativity for remaining competitive as well as innovative. Research has indicated that work-related initiative based on positive psychology gives both increased well-being and performance in the work at the same time that stress and risk for burn-out decrease (Meyers et al. (2013)).

Enhancing flow is one such initiative and flow has been related to better health and creativity (de Manzano, 2010; Travis and Lagrosen, 2014).






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The purpose of the project is to provide education for enhanced health and quality in the working life through increased understanding and practical application of tools and methods related to positive psychology (creativity and flow).

Employees in need of creating space to develop their work (enabling continuous improvement) and be able to switch between short simple tasks and tasks that require more focus and flow will be involved.

Activities inthe project

  • Educational program about quality, health and positive psychology interventions such as Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and flow with streamed lectures, online seminars and workshops.
  • Test of perceptions of quality, flow, group flow and creativity.
  • Total brain coachning.


  • Increased understanding of quality and health in working life
  • Increased ability for creativity and experiences of flow at work

This research relates to the following sustainable development goals