Renewable Energy


The purpose of the project is to identify areas of research that is of interest for future study and connects to the economy of biogas plants.






Project manager at MDU

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Climate change is a threat to the world today and it is important that we find ways to convert to a fossil free society. Biogas can be used produce electricity, heat or transport fuel from different types of waste. Biogas can make an important contribution to a reduced dependence on fossil fuels. However, biogas plants today face many economical challenges.

This project is a prestudy that goes through the state of the knowledge of four areas that could lead to an improvement biogas economy: carbon dioxide as possible product, liquid biogas, uses for the digestate and flexibility for the biogas plant. Flexibility here includes both combining biogas production with other processes (such as combustion) and the production of other products such as hydrogen.

Using the result from the state of the knowledge the project is going perform one or more case studies on existing biogas plants and for a number of different options do calculations on economy, energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Project objectives

  • report on the state of knowledge on use of carbon dioxide from biogas plants asa possible product, liquid biogas, use of the digestive and flexibility for the biogas plants.
  • using the results from the state of knowledge, perform a case study on one or several of the biogas plants of the members in the VEMM-group (Mälarenergi, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, Vafab Miljö). Including calculations for economy, energy use and carbon dioxide emissions for different options.