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Evidence-based work with health and welfare technology in Swedish municipalities

Swedish municipalities widely use health and welfare technologies (HWT) in their health and social care services, but have noted challenges in procurement, implementation, and evaluation of these interventions. This project aims to investigate the use of, and support evidence-based working methods in these critical processes.



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Project manager at MDU

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External members:

  • Therese Norgren

Primary purpose

The primary purpose of the project is to identify and ameliorate weaknesses in evidence-based work with HWT in Swedish municipalities, by providing tools, methods and knowledge support.



  • To identify weaknesses in evidence-based work with HWT in Swedish municipalities
  • To lower the threshold for using evidence in HWT-related processes
  • To increase the capacity and knowledge level regarding evidence-based work with HWT in Swedish municipalities



  • Mapping via survey, interview and policy research
  • Process analysis of existing workflows
  • Educational and developmental work with decision makers and operational employees
  • Case studies in procurement, implementation and evaluation of HWT interventions