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Distributed group collaboration for sustainable creative problem solving (DiGrus-CPS)

Coordinational and motivational factors crucial to the workgroup’s performance outcome is of increasing importance to business and organizations’ developmental processes as well as for employees´ individual creativity and well-being. During the exchange of ideas group members create a shared meaning or problem space to achieve common solutions, thus interaction affects the groups creativity.

This project will investigate the relationships between group members' creativity and experience of flow in social interaction and exchange during interdependent creative problem solving in distributed work tasks.

The focus is on how employees experience collaborative interaction and exchange can promote teamwork and emergent content such as successful achievement of shared goals.






Collaboration partners

Research area

Project manager at MDU

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Project aim

The project aim to develop the participants' understanding of how interaction and exchange of ideas can promote distributed collaboration in order to achieve common goals.

Activities in the project

Q3,Q4 2021

Phase 1: Preparation: Agreements and pre-measurements.

Phase 2: Intervention: Education work-package WP1and experiment.

Q1,Q2 2022

Phase 3: Post-measurements.

Phase 4: Capture: Education work-package WP2.

Phase 5: Follow-up: conclusions and guidelines, writing and diffusion.



This project will train the working groups' creative interaction in everyday tasks.

The project contributes to method development and technology for measuring social interaction in real time. The project develops the understanding of the connection between creativity and the working group's performance and how this relates to the employees' experience of flow and well-being.


External members

  • Lina Stålberg (Volvo Sponsor), Volvo Construcition Equipment - Operations
  • Anna Sannö (Volvo APP Coordinator), Volvo Construcition Equipment - Technology Center
  • Electro Mobility teams
  • Emerging Technology teams
  • Smart Factory Team