NOMP-group – New Organisation and Management Practices

Digitalized Work and Management

One important goal with the project is to establish a post graduate school that combines industrial economy and working science.






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The school is planned thus far that admission requirements, curriculum, responsible departments, budget and such are established, and a funding application to the Knowledge Foundation is prepared. The remaining part is to create specific project descriptions based on company initiatives.

In this project, modern and traditional units under the same roof will be studied with focus on how the staff view their jobs, what their expectations of leadership are and other organizational matters. Also, senior management’s view on recruiting and organizing the different units, cultural differences observed and similar matters will be studied. The results will be presented and discussed in workshops with companies within the innovation area and the aim will be to layout interesting PhD projects for the companies so that the post graduate school can get off the ground.

The project is performed in cooperation with the Swedish Steel Association and Chalmers, and MDH will in the first (ideation) phase of the project perform observations and interviews in order to identify research questions and content for the graduate school; issues that are also discussed in company workshops. In the second (exploration) phase, MDH is responsible for performing qualitative studies based on the identified research questions resulting in written reports.

This project is part of the strategic innovation program for metal materials, a common initiative of Sweden’s Innovation Agency (Vinnova); The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas); and The Swedish Energy Agency.