Co-production research in health and welfare

Creating alliances in headwind

The goal of the project is, on the side to carry out the study, to increase the scientific discussions at social work office at Västerås municipality and enable the researcher to investigate important professional issues.






Project manager at MDU

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Although social work has existed as an academic subject for many decades, it is still unclear what it is that distinguishes a good social worker from a bad one. In the social services investigation of child abuse, it is crucial that social workers do a conscientious job in relation to legislation, but also, and perhaps above all, to provide assistance to the families who are in need of support. Efforts to investigate child abuse is a public authority and ultimately is forced interventions available, if needed to help children. Despite the potential for coercion is no doubt that the best results are obtained by a collaboration between the social worker and family. How then does the social worker do to get a good working relationship at the entrance of an inquiry, initiated from a complaint from someone who feels the child suffering? The purpose of the study is to investigate the alliance-building in forced child inquiries. Social workers assessed by colleagues and management as role models are selected. Researcher will follow this social workers doing inquires during a period. Directly adjacent to the meeting the social worker and the client will be interviewed about their experiences of it. After the third meeting, clients and social workers complete a form, Working Alliance Inventory (WAI), an instrument that measures the estimated Alliance. The material will be analyzed by content analysis and statistical analysis.


This research relates to the following sustainable development goals