Biomedical Engineering

Competence hub Embedded Sensor Systems for Health

Competence Centre Embedded Sensor Systems for Health will strengthen the Swedish innovation system of electronic components and systems within embedded systems and biomedical engineering / life science.






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The actions planned will be focused on three key challenges / areas:

  1. Create better knowledge transfer and collaboration in the value chains
  2. Maintain and develop the Swedish cutting-edge areas
  3. Create safer skills

We intend to achieve this by gathering the Swedish actors (researchers, research institutes and industry) in the different subareas in a number of workshops. Here are inventoried state of knowledge and possibilities for further cooperation in the form of concrete projects. In addition to research and innovation efforts, we intend inventory of the industry's need for education in this area.

We already have an extensive collaboration between both Swedish and international actors in the field. The parties represent researchers, research institutes and industry.