NOMP-group – New Organisation and Management Practices

Competence 4.0: putting research-based knowledge to work

The purpose of this project is to strengthen and implement research-based knowledge on which competences that are needed in order to increase digitalisation within production in the Swedish industry, as well as to contribute with knowledge base aiding decisions about proper strategies for the provision and development of competences.






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Project manager at MDU

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The research-based knowledge that we work with comes mainly from the finished project DAO - Digitalised work and organising - carried out within the strategic innovation program Metalliska material. The project has generated rich insights when it comes to the possibilities and challenges when an industrial company digitalise its production. In particular, the project shows that digitalisation is not a pure technical question, but rather that successful digitalisation demands that both technical and organisational issues are handled at the same time as soon as possible, and therefore digitalisation can be treated as a sociotechnical change process.

By first collaborating with chosen companies, and then collaborating with an organisation gathering the metal producing industry, the project will make this knowledge useful and usable, as well as develop and inform about a method for contextualising and implementing this knowledge. In the long term, the result is that increased digitalisation within the industry is made easier and possible.