Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems

CARTCOM - Monitoring and Probabilistic Analysis of Component-Based Embedded Control Systems

In this project we will study theories and methods for probabilistic modelling, analysis, and prediction of control-system software executing in resource-constrained embedded systems.






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Description of the project

We will adopt a component-based approach to control-system development. Using components as the fundamental unit of reuse, we will employ run-time monitoring techniques to extract probabilistic models of the component behaviour. Combining the behavior models and the architectural model of a component assembly we will derive stochastic properties, such as reliability, expected delays, and resource consumption.

We will extend and combine methods from disparate disciplines, such as probabilistic reliability predictions, stochastic scheduling analysis and software component technologies. It is our thesis that software components are a suitable vehicle to introduce advanced analysis techniques in a software-engineering context for embedded control-systems; a feat that has yet to be accomplished.