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A typology of residents' conceptions of housing in different Västerås' neighbourhood

The project will supply the city of Västerås the necessary and sufficient means to better plan a socially sustainable neighbourhood.

Project manager at MDU

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The project aims to identify the preconditions for the construction of a new neighourhood (Sätra) in the city of Västerås that better meets the requirements of social sustainability. This implies that we need to know which types of resident will most likely move to this area and also the demands they have on homes, systems of tenure and the physical as well as social environment. We also address the controversial issue of potential residents' willingness to accept social mixing.

In order to be able to map these conceptions and perceptions we will conduct two major surveys. The first is carried out in the two newly built middle-class neighbourhoods of Öster Mälarstrand and LIllhamra. The second wil ltake place three working class neighbourhoods: Jakobsberg, Pettersberg and Hammarby. It is from these and similar neighbourhoods that the majority of Sätra's residents will come from.

Project objectives

The project's objectives are to

  • engage residents in two different types of neighbourhood
  • anchor their knowledge and experiences in city planning
  • publish the results of both surveys and contribute in a general sense to increasing sustainable development in Swedish society.

To reach the objectives, the researchers will develop new digital methods to engage residents to in the surveys The researchers will also continual cooperate with the city of Västerås' city planners.