Health and Welfare

Sustainable working life

This research group conducts interdisciplinary research into the management of working life, working conditions and its structure and also its consequences for the organisation and its staff’s health and wellbeing.




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Ongoing research projects

The overall purpose is to describe care and care assistants' experience of working in residends- and in home care for elderly during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden.

Project manager at MDU: Annica Lövenmark

Main financing: AFA Försäkring

The aim of SOFCO is to develop a concept for the office of the future that promotes a healthy working life and lifestyle as well as contributes to sustainable development.

Project manager at MDU: Katarina Bälter

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation, Synergi

From a gender perspective, the purpose of this project is to develop new knowledge about the extent of harmful alcohol use among women and men in the labor market in Sweden, to investigate risk factors and protective factors in the work environment for harmful alcohol use and to increase knowledge about preventive efforts against harmful alcohol use in working life.

Project manager at MDU: Susanna Toivanen

Main financing: Afa Försäkring

The aim of this project is to understand changing trends in occupational gender segregation focusing on Sweden across time and in a comparative European perspective.

Project manager at MDU: Karin Halldén

Main financing: FORTE

This research program aims at addressing sickness absence in the female dominated municipal sector by mapping the ill-health in occupations and at workplaces and by exploring organizational efforts intended to address the root causes of work-related ill-health.

Project manager at MDU: Karin Halldén

Main financing: FORTE