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Studies on Social Sustainability in Education

The research group Studies on Social Sustainability in Education (SOS-ED) develops and disseminates national and international research on social sustainability in formal and informal education contexts through dialogues with the research community as well as with society in general.

With a point of departure in a critical perspective, the research environment aims to highlight opportunities and obstacles in pursuing social sustainability. Of central importance to the research group are issues concerning the development of social sustainability related to social and cultural justice, equity, democracy, human rights, migration, interculturality, discrimination, and leadership. The research environment also strives to develop knowledge about sustainable teaching. The research in this environment has a particular relevance to teachers’ professional development, teacher education as well as to studies in didactics and pedagogy.



With the purpose of developing, promoting and disseminating critical studies on Social Sustainability in formal and informal education contexts, SOS-ED aims to:

  • initiate and take part in national and international research projects
  • produce scientific and popular scientific publications
  • organise seminaries, workshops and conferences
  • cooperate and co-produce with teacher education and different stakeholders
  • develop courses at the Master’s and doctoral levels
  • disseminate research results through symposiums and other fora
  • collaborate with national and international research networks
  • evaluate educational development projects.


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Ongoing research projects