Computer and Data Science


The robotics research group is mainly conducting research in the area of autonomous collaborating systems.


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The focus is on:

  • adaptive autonomy
  • safe and secure path planning
  • real-time 3D vision
  • mission planning for collaborating autonomous vehicles
  • human-robot interaction
  • dependable electronics in biomedical engineering and avionic systems.

Ongoing research projects

The purpose of the project is to, in close collaboration with the department of rehabilitation medicine at Danderyd Hospital, implement ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG) mediated NeuroFeedback (NF) rehabilitation for stroke patients to study 1) the mechanisms of neuroplasticity that enable improved motor recovery and 2) the impact of severity of motor dysfunction on a) neuroplasticity, and b) on the hand grasping motor outcome of the NF rehabilitation.

Project manager at MDU: Elaine Åstrand