Call for proposals on funding

The new interdisciplinary research area on collaboration is calling for proposals on funding.

The new interdisciplinary research area on collaboration is calling for proposals on funding.

Would you like to get involved and contribute to the interdisciplinary research area on collaboration? Do you have ideas about collaboration that you wish to develop? Do we need to learn more about other aspects of collaboration?

The new interdisciplinary research area on collaboration is calling for proposals on funding to identify new partnerships or enhance existing ones in collaboration research, investigate possible research questions in a pilot study, gather empirical material as well as write applications about external research funding during 2024. We are interested in projects that focus on collaboration internally as well as externally (private, public, civil society and in politics).

Collaboration is generally considered to be positive and is particularly significant for MDU and we are at the forefront in this area. What we know less about is running collaboration on a disciplinary foundation. Within the framework of research about collaboration we will focus on the following three areas:

  1. Governance, management and organisation of research collaboration and its consequences,
  2. Theories and innovative methods for the scientific study of research collaboration,
  3. Impact and (un)desired output and effect of collaboration.

Our goal is to jointly, with internal and external parties, create knowledge and understanding of how collaboration works and takes place in practice and jointly discuss what works well and what doesn’t work so well. Also accordingly gain joint interdisciplinary knowledge and learning about collaboration on a disciplinary foundation that will clearly position MDU as the leading collaborative University both internationally, nationally and regionally.

Are you interested? This is what you need to do:

Submit an application that should not be longer than two A4 pages (excluding an overview of the budget). It must include what will be funded, such as studying collaboration in an ongoing collaborative project, writing an application, conducting a pilot study and/or empirical research. There must also be a justification for which of the three focus areas (see above) that the application will address. To get funding from this initiative and submit an

external application, it is also necessary to specify which research funding body (bodies) the application will be addressed to and which persons will prepare the application. A simple budget must also be prepared.

We aim to have a good spread across the three focus areas, as well as applications that include participants from several Schools/subject areas at Mälardalen University and/or researchers at other universities and/or other external parties.

Applications received will be assessed twice a year. The next assessment will take place on 31 August 2024. The deadline for inclusion in this application round is 15 August 2024. Decisions on funding will be made by the management team at the RoC after consultation with the relevant head of department and research leader and, if necessary, the Head of Academy. Each approved application will be followed up by a description of how the funds were used and what was done, partly through a seminar presentation in our CoP (Community of Practice), partly through a shorter report (max 2 A4 pages).

Use this template for your application (downloadable Word document). Word, 34.2 kB.

Applications should be emailed to: linda.hoglund@mdu.se.

Do you want to discuss an idea or have any questions?

Please contact project managers Karin Axelsson or Linda Höglund.